Tango, Bullets & Bombshells


Featured Shoes- :::line:::- Chucks- Tweety & Taz

Oamaru Bay (84, 104, 472)


Pardon me my darlin
But do you have a second
Just so I can tell you
How you caught my full attention
Now how is it that you look
So well put together
Flawless as can be,
It just dosnt get no better
Hey babygirl, why don’t you come home with me
And let me show you what some good lovin can be
Cause I got so much love inside and I wanna give
It all to you babygirl, to you baby girl.
Ya body’s picture perfect and there ain’t
A brick that’s missing
You look like yo mama raise you on them grits an chicken
Now I know that you heard this like probably all the time
But if you come with me
I’m gon make it worth your while…



Shirt- *league*- Barely legal T-shirt- grey

Eyes- Rozena skin-Shiny -black

Hair- ChiChickie-Beth

Earrings- B&D- silver hoops

Belly piercing- BodyWear- Spoiled

Shorts- Shabby Cat- Hustle shorts- gray

Socks- Shabby cat- Tube II pink

Skin- SSS- Emily-Tan 01

Shape- self done


Fence Prop- Glitterati